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Collecting Personal Information Items


DONGIN Inovation Co., Ltd collects the following personal information for consultation and service application.

ο Collecting items: Name, Contact information, e-mail

ο Personal Information Collecting Methods: Home (http://제어.kr || http://동인이노베이션.kr ||


■ The purpose of the collecting and using the personal information.

The company will utilize the collected personal information for the following purposes.


ο Membership Management

Verify oneself according to the membership service, personal identification, transfer notices.


ο Utilizing in marketing and advertising events such as transferring advertising information.


■ Period of possession and use of personal information

After the purpose has been achieved, the company will destroy all collected, used information immediately without delay or exception.


■ Civil Affair (Civil Service on Personal Information)

The company has designated the relevant Departments and Privacy Officer as follows in order to protect the privacy of our customers and handle complaints related to personal information.


Privacy Officer Name: Taek-il, Lee

Tel: +82-55-237-6628



All complaints related to your privacy that has been generated from using the services of the company can be reported to the Privacy Officer or the Department in Charge.


The company will be happy to answer quickly enough for the declaration of the users.


If you need counseling or reporting the violation of other personal information, please contact the following organizations.


1.     Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (

2.     Privacy Marks Certification Committee (

3.     Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (

4.     National Police Cyber Terror Response Center (